Cotton Slams Obama’s ‘Trembling Inaction’ on Russia’s Ukrainian Incursion

by Eliana Johnson

One Republican senatorial candidate is likening the administration’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory to the world’s collective sigh in the wake of Hitler’s annexation of Austria in 1938. 

Freshman congressman Tom Cotton, who is challenging incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor for his senate seat, slammed President Obama for his “trembling inaction” to Russian aggression and criticized American officials who have reportedly shied from calling the Russian incursion into the Crimea an invasion, referring to it instead as an “uncontested arrival.” 

“The same was said about the Anschluss,” Cotton said in a statement. Hitler’s annexation of Austria was followed quickly by his invasion of Czechoslovakia and by the Munich agreement, in which Britain and France ceded Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland to Hitler without cost. 

Cotton joined several Republican senators in urging a swift diplomatic response to the Russian incursion, pressing the administration to revoke the travel visas of senior Russian officials and to freeze the assets of Ukrainian oligarchs who assist in the Russian invasion.

Earlier on Saturday, Florida senator Marco Rubio called on President Obama to halt negotiations with Russia on any issue unrelated to the Ukrainian crisis. Texas senator Ted Cruz said the president should move to boot Russia from the G-8, and Tennessee’s Bob Corker, the ranking Republican senator on the Foreign Relations Committee, called for targeted sanctions against senior Russian officials. 

Arizona senator John McCain dismissed the threats that President Obama has issued against Russia to date as “laughable.” 

The administration on Saturday announced that the U.S. is suspending its participation in preparatory meetings for the upcoming G-8 summit, which is scheduled for June in Sochi, and warned that continuing violations of international law will result in “greater political and economic isolation,” but did not go into greater detail.  

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