Cleveland Plain Dealer: Dump Chief Wahoo

by Andrew Johnson

The Washington Redskins aren’t alone among sports teams in their suffering calls to ditch traditional imagery: The Cleveland Plain Dealer thinks it’s time for the Indians, the local MLB club. to retire their logo, Chief Wahoo.

“That will understandably disappoint many Tribe fans given the emotional hold the smiling, big-toothed, big-nosed cartoon Indian has had on them for more than 60 years,” the newspaper’s editorial board wrote last week. “But it’s time to acknowledge once and for all that the caricature represents a racially insensitive stereotype of Native Americans.”

While the team has not openly said the logo should be phased out, “they have tacitly acknowledged its offensive characteristics by reducing Wahoo’s role in team marketing over the years.” For example, Chief Wahoo has been replaced as the team’s primary logo by a stylized “C.” Nevertheless, even with the limited exposure of the logo, the Indians need to part with Chief Wahoo now, the board writes.

“Take the heat. Deal with the backlash. Move on. It can be done thoughtfully, by simply acknowledging the mixed emotions of all involved.”

Via Yahoo! Sports.

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