GOP Rep.: Russia Reset ‘Is Over’

by Andrew Johnson

The Obama administration’s policy towards Russia ”has been gone for a number of years,” according to Representative Adam Kinzinger (R., Ill.). “Let’s be very clear about something: This ‘reset’ with Russia is over,” he told Fox News on Monday.

As the situation in Ukraine escalates, Kinzinger said the president has failed to take a stand against Russia in the aftermath of the country’s 2008 conflict with Georgia, and in other areas. The United States’ standing in the world has fallen as a result of these and other foreign-policy missteps, according to Kinzinger.

“When you put a red line down, as was done in Syria, and you fail to enforce that red line, this is the result you get,” Kinzinger said. “People are willing to test you.”

The two-term congressman joined the growing chorus of lawmakers calling for sanctions against Russia.

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