Toomey: ‘Fight the Fight, Even if the Odds Aren’t Good’

by Andrew Johnson

The Senate’s rejection of Debo Adegbile should give conservatives hope for more victories in the chamber, and potentially lead to Republican control in November, Pat Toomey told the CPAC audience. Even though blocking the Obama administration’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division was an uphill battle, “sometimes you have to fight the fight, even if the odds aren’t good,” he said.

Toomey was one of the leading voices opposing Adegbile’s nomination because of his past work representing Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of killing a Philadelphia cop in 1981. The Pennsylvania senator told the audience that he remained unsure if Adegbile would get through even up to the moment of the vote.

The fact that eight Democrats joined Republicans to block Adegbile, should be taken as a sign that many in Obama’s own party are weary of the overreach of this administration, according to Toomey. Furthermore, the vote bodes well for a successful midterms for the GOP if conservatives “demonstrate the ability to carry out a fight, and the willingness to win a fight,” he said.

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