Bear Aggressor, Baird Professor

by Jay Nordlinger

Pardon the headline. Mona Charen and I have a special guest on our Need to Know podcast this week: Richard Pipes, the historian of Russia. He is the Baird professor of history, emeritus, at Harvard. He discusses what you would expect: Russia, Ukraine, Putin . . . While we have him on the line, we discuss some other things with him as well. Richard Pipes is simply one of the outstanding scholars of our time. An all-purpose intellectual, he is authoritative on myriad subjects.

Then Mona and I do some jawing on our own. We talk about, inter alia, America’s energy revolution; charter schools, and an interesting fissure on the left; the grotesque Harry Reid; and the late Maria von Trapp — the daughter, not the governess. She died a couple of weeks ago at 99.

Our podcast closes out with an excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 2. Its nickname is “Little Russian,” which, as I have explained many times, does not refer to a short Muscovite, but to Ukraine.

Join Pipes, Mona, Tchaikovsky, and me here.

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