Dunham Advocates for Planned Parenthood on SNL

by Andrew Johnson

Girls star and Planned Parenthood supporter Lena Dunham couldn’t help plugging the nation’s leading abortion provider during her appearance on Saturday Night Live.

During a sketch in which a men’s rights activist (played by Matt O’Brien) finds himself in the uncomfortable position of being surrounded by all women at a party, Dunham and company educate O’Brien’s girlfriend, Marisol (Cecily Strong), about his efforts, which include shutting down two Planned Parenthoods. Dunham fails to mention the organization’s role as an abortion provider.

Dunham: Marisol, do you know what Planned Parenthood is?

Strong: Yes. What is it?

Dunham: It’s a place where women can go for low cost — I am so upset right now. It’s a place where women can go for low-cost medical advice and care.

Strong: What?! To help women? That is a good place!

Dunham’s relationship with Planned Parenthood runs deep. Last year, during an event at which President Obama spoke, Planned Parenthood also honored Dunham for her “realistic and honest portrayal of the complex issues facing young women today” on the HBO show Girls. Dunham also has stumped for the president, filming a provocative ad in 2012 urging young voters to make their “first time” be with President Obama.

Nonetheless, Dunham’s appearance on Saturday Night Live failed to attract the audience the show usually draws. Deadline reports the episode lost one-fifth of the audience it had the week before when The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons hosted.

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