Krauthammer’s Take: Crimea Will Likely Be a Part of Russia Within Two Weeks

by NRO Staff

In the short run, there is nothing we can do about Crimea, Charles Krauthammer said on Special Report tonight. “I think it’s likely that within a week or two it will be a part of Russia,” he said.

The only options left to the United States are to assure its NATO allies that their borders will be respected, and to announce that the America would be immediately willing to send weapons and trainers to Ukraine in the event of further incursion by the Russians. “We’re not going to get economic sanctions that will mean anything,” Krauthammer said, “because the Europeans aren’t helping.”

For the long-term, Krauthammer recommends expediting the applications pending in the EPA for liquid natural-gas exports and for President Obama to call an emergency meeting with Congress to increase the defense budget, two steps the current administration is very unlikely to take.

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