Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Has a Sales Problem

by NRO Staff

With only 4.2 million enrollments on Obamacare so far, 25 percent aged 18 to 24, Charles Krauthammer thinks the president has a problem selling his signature product.

“You start with the fact that young people are averse to buying health insurance because they have a sense of being invincible, but it’s worse with Obamacare,” Krauthammer said. Because Representative Pelosi and Senator Reid mandated that health insurance for sixty-year-olds must be capped at three times the cost of health insurance for  20-year-olds, he explained, young people “are clearly being overcharged as a way to subsidize others.”

“It’s a really bad deal,” Krauthammer said, “and that’s why they aren’t getting a lot of buyers.”

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