Correction on ‘Dartmouth Caves to Student Threats’

by Alec Torres

Contrary to what I reported, Dartmouth College did not allocate $31 million and expand other programs in direct response to the “Freedom Budget” issued by the anonymous students. In reality, the statement by President Phil Hanlon and Provost Martin Wybourne outlined ways in which the university was already addressing concerns of diversity and increasing funding for financial aid students. These initiatives began before the “Freedom Budget” was sent to the administration.

“The money that you reference and initiatives that you reference are not being done in response to the ‘Freedom Budget,’” Dartmouth’s vice president for media relations Justin Anderson tells me. “They have been in the works and they have been discussed publicly. They are not being done because of the Freedom Budget in any way, shape, or form.”

“Our goals are consistent with many of the goals expressed within the ‘Freedom Budget,’” Anderson says. “We were making those points to demonstrate that there is overlap here in what [they] are calling for and what we are doing.”

My previous reporting was based on a misreading of the administration’s statement and insufficient research of the programs and funding discussed. I apologize to Dartmouth and to our readers.

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