High School Student Suspended for Wearing NRA Shirt

by Alec Torres

A 16-year-old sophomore at Grand Island High School in New York was suspended for wearing an NRA t-shirt promoting the Second Amendment, New York’s WGRZ reports.

Though Shane Kinney had worn the shirt to school before, this time a teacher told him to take it off or turn it inside out because of the guns depicted on the back.

When Shane refused to remove the shirt or turn it inside out, he was given a one-day in-school suspension.

The school dress code requires that attire not “disrupt or interfere with the educational process” and that it should not “encourage . . .  violent activities.” The dress code says nothing about the depiction of firearms.

Wayne and Kim Kinney, Shane’s parents, say the school overreacted and that Shane should not have been suspended. However, they also said that Shane will probably not wear the shirt to school anymore.

Via Breitbart.

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