Will’s Take: Where Can Obama Campaign for Dems?

by NRO Staff


​Republicans’ victory in Tuesday’s special election in Florida isn’t the only indicator of what could be a successful fall in the party’s efforts to take back the Senate, George Will said on Wednesday’s Special Report.

President Obama’s approval rating is currently down drastically from what it was in 2010 — 7 points — when Republicans pulled off a historic landslide to win back the House. In November, it could be worse, spelling an even bigger uphill climb for Democrats, Will explained.

“For the Senate, what this means is Democratic senators have to run five, six, seven, eight points of the president in order to win, and that just doesn’t happen very often,” Will said. Given the circumstance, he went on to ask a question the president is surely facing as the midterms approach: “Where can Barack Obama campaign for Democrats this year?”

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