Krauthammer’s Take: Hardship Exemption Essentially a Cancellation of the Mandate

by NRO Staff


On Special Report tonight, Charles Krauthammer said the Obamacare hardship exemption is “essentially a cancellation of the mandate.”

The hardship exemption has “now been redefined so that all you have to do is claim that going into the exchange would create a hardship,” Krauthammer said, meaning that Obamacare itself qualifies as a hardship. “You sign a paper, you don’t have to provide any documentation.”

Kruathmmer explained that knowledge of the hardship exemption may trickle down to people, allowing them to avoid the fine. If not, the administration will cancel the mandate by midyear, he said, “if there are people who haven’t heard by the grapevine and begin to get notices and begin to panic and begin to indicate they might vote against Democrats.”

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