Torts We Can Support: Hockey Fans Sue Arena for Deceptive Beer Sizes

by Andrew Johnson

Some observant and now angry fans of the Idaho Steelheads are taking legal action against Boise’s CenturyLink Arena after learning that the arena’s large beers are the same size as the small ones.

The lawsuit comes after a viral video showed both sizes containing almost the same amount of beer. The large cups, which the minor-league-hockey arena was selling for $7, were taller but significantly thinner than the small ones, which went for $4, but each held nearly same amount.

Eric Trapp, president of the Steelheads, an ECHL team, released a statement saying that the team and the arena will correct the problem. While the sizes are technically different — large cups are 20 ounces, small 16 — “the differentiation in the size of the two cups is too small” for what the arena charged, he agreed. From now on, large beers will be 24 ounces.

“Shame on us. We should have been more attentive,” Trapp said.

Four fans are now seeking $10,000 in damages for what they claim amounts to the money they have been cheated out of over years of attending events at the arena.

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