Ingraham to Ellmers: You’re Taking Your Talking Points from La Raza and Schumer

by Alec Torres

Republican congressman Renee Ellmers and radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham got into a rancorous argument on the air on Thursday about immigration reform, with Ellmers saying Ingraham was taking an “ignorant position” and Ingraham accusing Ellmers of taking her talking points from Chuck Schumer and La Raza.

Ellmer said she supports giving a granting a legal status to millions of illegal immigrants while increasing border security (she has emphasized this isn’t a pathway to citizenship).

“What you just said is infuriating to my listeners,” Ingraham responded. “I’m speaking for them right now. Your responsibility, I imagine, is to your constituents who are legal residents and American citizens, whose lives are slipping away from them right now.”

When Ellmers argued that “the system was broken,” Ingraham called the idea “a liberal line.”

Ellmers accused Ingraham of “supporting de facto amnesty,” which the host said was an argument out of La Raza’s playbook.

“No. Renee Ellmers speaks for herself,” Ellmers shot back.

The two women sparred for nearly ten minutes, with Ellmers calling Ingraham’s position “ignorant” and Ingraham telling Ellmers that “the American people are not with you.”

Ingraham said at the end of the debate that they’d had a “heated argument” but “a good one.”

The full audio of the conversation can be found here.

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