Tiger Moms and Wedding Cakes

by Mona Charen

On a culture-heavy Need to Know this week, Jay and I refuse to be bullied by Sheryl Sandberg into dropping the word “bossy” from our vocabularies. Nor do we agree that bakeries should be compelled to make cakes for gay weddings (though we agree that refusing to serve a gay couple would be different). We try to get into the spirit of the new SAT by avoiding (“eschewing” is pronounced with a hard “ch” Jay informs me!) difficult words. The sad decline of the SAT is ironic, since it was intended to discover talented kids who didn’t happen to come from the best schools. 

We chew over (which is different from eschewing) the new book by “Tiger mom” Amy Chua and her husband, deplore Harry Reid’s disgusting slanders, and condemn the over-amplification of American life. It wouldn’t be Need to Know if we didn’t find time to bemoan the narrowmindedness of NPR listeners. Then, there are the delights: a bracing column by RINO squish Ann Coulter and a soon to be published book by CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson. Don’t you wish you could buy stock in a book? 

Join us.

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