Dems Hold Brief but Moving Anti-Issa iPad-Lit Vigil on House Floor

by Andrew Johnson

A number of House Democrats took to the floor on Thursday and raised iPads, iPhones, and laptops over their heads to protest Darrell Issa for cutting off Representative Elijah Cummings during a hearing last week. The Democrats’ demonstration was quickly shut down for breaking the House rules.

House Oversight Committe Chairman Issa adjourned a meeting of the committee last week when Ranking Member Cummings still wished to question former IRS official Lois Lerner, who had cited her Fifth Amendment right not to testify. Issa’s decision angered many Democrats, and he later apologized to Cummings for his behavior.

So yesterday, Michigan Democrat Dan Kildee introduced a resolution on the floor to condemn Issa’s “offensive and disrespectful manner.” Members surrounding him held up a picture of Issa signaling to turn off the mic on their various mobile devices. Speaker pro tempore Mike Simpson (R., Idaho) immediately suspended debate and called for Democrats to put away their devices because they were in violation of House rules.

Minutes later, with the iPads darkened, Kildee continued to denounce Issa’s behavior. Ultimately, the display was for naught: The House voted down Kildee’s resolution 217–173.

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