Krauthammer’s Take: ‘America Seems Quite Uninterested’ in Russian Invasion of Ukraine

by NRO Staff

Vladimir Putin has the upper hand in the region due to the inability of the United States and Europe to respond to Russia’s invasion of Crimea, and the Russian president could continue to assert his power, says Charles Krauthammer.

“[Putin] is now in a position to overrun eastern Ukraine if he wants,” Krauthammer said on Friday’s Special Report. “If Ukraine has any military forces, they have to now be looking at and trying to prevent the attack on the rest of Ukraine, which means the absorption of the Crimea peninsula goes entirely unchallenged.”

“Even if he doesn’t invade, Putin has won this round,” he added.

For the time being though, the lack of meaningful American response has effectively surrendered Crimea, and potentially more of Ukraine. ”Europe decided 70 years ago it would depend on us and now it is looking at a threat — the worst since the end of the Cold War — and America seems quite uninterested,” Krauthammer said.

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