Will’s Take: Russia Sanctions Could Be as ‘Ineffective’ as Those Against Cuba

by NRO Staff

While sanctions against Russia are a viable option, the United States should recognize that it may not be enough and ultimately have little impact to dissuade the country, especially amid Vladimir Putin’s apparent willingness to go beyond Crimea, says George Will.

“I would be surprised given his temperament and his actions so far that he would stop where he is with Crimea and the referendum,” Will said on Fox News Sunday. As negotiations with the U.S. have showed thus far, the Russian’s are “not interested in an off-ramp.”

Will reminded Congress and the Obama administration, which are both pursuing various economic sanctions against Russia, that one of the U.S.’s longest-standing sanctions has been largely futile.

“Clearly, economic forces can be effective — clearly, they can also be ineffective,” he said. “We’ve had, since 1960, an embargo against Cuba and it has not had any discernable effect on changing the regime.”

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