Pfeiffer: Obama Will Be ‘an Asset in Every Way Possible’ for Dems

by Andrew Johnson

White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer dismissed the notion that President Obama and his policies are politically toxic, despite Tuesday’s loss in Florida’s special election and a new New York Times report finding Democrats fearful of their November prospects.

Pfeiffer blamed the fact that Democrats face such an uphill climb in keeping the Senate this year was due just having so many senators in office to begin with. “That’s what happens when you win a lot of elections like we did in 2008,” he said on Meet the Press.

He pledged the president’s political and campaign apparatus will assist Democrats in the coming months in an effort to hold control of the Senate, and brushed off that he would be seen as liability to some candidates. “The president will be an asset in every way possible to help these candidates,” Pfeiffer said.

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