It’s Morning (Joe) in America?

by Jack Fowler

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was in New Hampshire this past weekend, talking up his recent book (the Reagan- and Buckley-lovefest The Right Path) at St. Anselm College and at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference, and relishing the chatter about his political future / ambitions. A run in 2016 for the White House? Scarborough says he won’t rule it out. And the strong receptions he got in Nashua and Manchester should keep the chatter going, for a while at least. From a Newsmax report:

“Joe Scarborough was a rock star this weekend,” said Republican New Hampshire state Rep. Joseph Sweeney. “He energized the crowd.”

Sweeney, the youngest member of the state’s legislature, added that “the Republican activists I have learned to trust over my time in the State House were inspired and motivated by Joe’s speech.”

Jazz Shaw, weekend editor of the popular Hot Air website, also tweeted that the former congressman received a “rock star welcome,” pointing out that it took Scarborough 30 minutes to move 15 feet from the door to the check-in desk.

“Joe was swamped by supporters who wanted to shake hands, have photos taken, or ask for autographs,” Shaw said. “Inside the hall during his speech got a standing ovation, along with many generous pauses for humorous jabs peppered through his remarks.”

Jennifer Horn, chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, echoed Sweeney’s sentiment, noting that of all the recent forums the party has held, Scarborough’s was “extremely well received.”

“He was engaging, humorous, and insightful in his remarks,” she said, adding, “no one agrees with anyone all of the time, but Joe offered a vision for winning in 2014 that focused on the core GOP principle of limited government and that is something we all feel passionately about.”​

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