Cruz Lambastes Reid for Anti-Koch Rants

by Andrew Johnson

Ted Cruz fired back at Harry Reid for his recent tirades against David and Charles Koch and Reid’s claims that the brothers are preventing Republicans and the Senate from passing an aid bill to Ukraine. Cruz addressed Reid’s comments one by one when he took to the Senate floor last week. ​

“I would note the majority leader had extended commentary about two businessmen, the Koch brothers,” Cruz said, “who I am beginning to think are a character almost out of Dr. Seuss in the majority leader’s mind. They are the Grinch who stole Christmas in his telling.”

Cruz said that the brothers had had their “reputation dragged through the mud” by Reid, and he also criticized Reid for hypocritically ignoring wealthy political donors on the left, such as environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer.

Cruz also pointed out that Reid was the one who prevented the aid bill from passing. Republicans had moved to bring the bill up for a vote, but Reid objected, which Cruz said was “to hold aid to the Ukraine hostage to force through these misguided IMF reforms.”

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