Dem’s Nazi Salute Leads to Outrage, Resignation

by Andrew Johnson

How surprising: A big Democratic donor and Wellington, Fla., planning commission member’s “Heil Hitler” salute at a public meeting was not well received by the community, and she’s being forced to resign.

During a March 5 meeting, Marcia Radosevich made the Nazi gesture in response to a proposal that would give the village’s planning and engineering staff the authority to approve new projects without the committee’s authorization.

“Wow, wow, that’s rather . . . that’s a bit over the top, I think,” other members can be heard saying on a video of the meeting. Radosevich said she made the salute as a result of “complete and utter frustration trying to work with the staff.”

The councilman who appointed Radosevich to the position in 2012 said her resignation was “probably for the best.”

BizPac Review’s Joe Saunders notes that several news reports of Radosevich’s Nazi salute fail to note her politics, despite her being a big Democratic donor. Since 2000, she has given thousands of dollars to various left-leaning organizations. In 2008 alone, she donated $30,800 to the Obama Victory Fund.

Radosevich, who is Jewish, apologized for the gesture in her resignation letter, and said she’ll make a donation to the Anti-Defamation League. “There is no excuse for using such an offensive symbol any more than using offensive language,” she wrote.

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