Expanding the Repertoire (Middle East Version)

by Jay Nordlinger

Following up on our piece on Hernando de Soto, I’d like to offer two links. This first one is to the testimony given by de Soto in the U.S. Congress last year. His remarks are headed “The Call for Economic Liberty in the Arab World.” This second one is to de Soto’s latest documentary, made with the Free to Choose Network. It’s called “Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring.” It, too, is about economic liberty and its denial.

Like many others, I have studied the Middle East for a long time, and traveled there, and written about various issues, events, and personalities. I have written about economic questions, but not much. De Soto makes me think I should pay more attention to such questions.

Every day, we receive things in our inboxes that are labeled “must-read.” We may also receive videos labeled “must-watch.” The truth is, almost nothing is “must-read” or “must-watch.” But I highly recommend de Soto’s materials. I am enriched to have his views and findings in my mental repertoire, so to speak.

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