Inverting the Question

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Reince Priebus is pushing back against the notion that Republicans have a holistic “problem with women.” Per National Journal’s Alex Roarty:

“There’s a little bit of a laziness on the part of the people who want to claim the Republican Party has some kind of women problem,” said Priebus, speaking at the Christian Science Monitor Breakfast. “We basically have a single women problem under 35 issue.”

The real question, the chairman said, was why Democrats struggled to appeal to so many other groups of women.

“Why does the Democratic Party have so many problems in their engagement with married women, or women with children?” he asked.

It’s funny to see the question put like that, isn’t it? And yet there’s really no reason that it should be. For some reason, we always talk about politics in terms of who Republicans aren’t winning, which means our discussions tend to start with statements such as, ”Republicans have a problem winning Hispanics and African-Americans” rather than with “Democrats have a problem winning white people.” Likewise, when we talk about women, we focus endlessly on single women under 35, and ignore married women and women with children.

Were this merely the product of Republicans having lost the last two presidential elections, it wouldn’t matter so much. But I suspect it’s not, because there’s always a slight edge to the charge – as if some votes are more instructive than are others. Odd.

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