Even Louisiana’s ‘Crook’ Democrat Running Away from Obamacare

by Andrew Johnson

Just a few years removed from prison and already back on the campaign trail, Edwin Edwards is bucking his party in his latest bid. The former Democratic Louisiana governor running for Congress in the state’s sixth district came out swinging on the issues where he’s been “disappointed” with President Obama, including Obamacare.

“I would not have voted for it had I been in Congress,” he said on MSNBC on Wednesday. “It’s too long, too technical, too involved, and it was subject to pitfalls that we now know were just bad for the country.”

Edwards, who was convicted on various corruption charges in 2002, also called on the president to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which would deliver oil to refineries in the Gulf region near Louisiana, because it would help create jobs.

When asked if he had voted for President Obama in previous elections, Edwards said that he, like the rest of the country, was “caught up in [Obama's] rhetoric and his promise of the bright future,” so he probably would have supported him. For better or for worse though, the Silver Fox couldn’t do it.

“I’m sorry to say where I was there were no voting machines — I was in prison,” he said. (Edwards’ sentence ended in 2011, but he was on probation until last month, so he could not vote in 2012.)

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