Krauthammer’s Take: There Are Two Ways to Stop Putin from Invading Eastern Ukraine

by NRO Staff

For all intents and purposes, Crimea is now effectively a part of Russia, which means the next question is whether Putin will or will not advance into eastern Ukraine, according to Charles Krauthammer. “Remember, Crimea has no land access from Russia. The only way to supply Crimea . . . is for the Russians to take eastern Ukraine,” Krauthammer said.

With direct military options off the table, Krauthammer sees two ways Obama can possibly dissuade Putin from annexing more Ukrainian territory: to give Ukraine weapons and to increase missile defense in Eastern Europe.

“Send the chairman of the Joint Chiefs tonight to Kiev — not Geneva, to Kiev — to discuss with the authorities urgent delivery of weapons, defensive weapons,” Krauthammer said. Then Obama should “announce immediately a renewal of the missile-defense agreement with the Poles and the Czechs.” As of right now, however, Krauthammer believes “Obama is adding nothing on this scale that would dissuade Putin” from further conquest.

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