Vox Populi

by Jonah Goldberg

From a letter to the editor in the Newark Advocate:

I would like to complain yet again about The Advocate’s publication of the raving, hateful, pointless opinions of columnist Jonah Goldberg. Giving this extremist a pulpit only encourages division, resentment and hatred in the American body politic.

Goldberg’s latest, sadly typical rant seems to involve blaming the alleged “cynicism” of the younger generation on, you guessed it, President Obama. Is there any crime, sin, or failure of which he’s not guilty of in the eyes of the extreme right? While Mr. Obama has certainly had his failures and problems, this knee-jerk resentment is all-too-characteristic of Goldberg and his ilk….

The sad fact is the Goldbergs of the world are nothing but sneering, whining, abusive flies buzzing around the remains of a once-thriving American democracy. If we’re to get that democracy back, it’s time to swat a few of the flies.

The Advocate could help by ditching the pointless, hateful, and dishonest columns of Goldberg.

My favorite parts are the word “again” in the first sentence and the glib use of the phrase “Goldbergs of the world” combined with a comparison to, essentially, vermin and a lament that “we” are enemies of democracy. It’s the sort of thing Paul Krugman might even call “eliminationist rhetoric.”

I’m just glad he reads this excellent newspaper. 

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