Alec Baldwin Seals Move from New York . . . to the Hamptons

by Patrick Brennan

Alec Baldwin announced with great fanfare in a piece last month in New York magazine that he was fed up with New York City and had to leave for somewhere like Los Angeles – “a place where you live behind a gate, you get in a car, your interaction with the public is minimal,” he said. Announcing that he “just can’t live in New York anymore” that he’s “beginning to crave” ”everything  hated about L.A.” in New York magazine should perhaps have been a hint that fractious movie star and extremely-short-lived MSNBC host wouldn’t quite stick to his guns.

And so he hasn’t. He just bought a new house in East Hampton, Page Six reports:

Sources tell us the fired MSNBC ranting-head has quietly bought a new house in East Hampton and intends to spend plenty of time there with his family. . . .

Earlier this month, he tried to sell his Amagansett house to a packed crowd and reporters while onstage at the Guild Hall Academy of the Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards, boasting, “It has five bedrooms, a swimming pool and wood-burning fireplace.”

No gate, though.

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