Extracurricular Reading

by Jay Nordlinger

A couple of weeks ago, Congressman Paul Ryan mentioned something about National Review. It appears in today’s installment of “Ryan in the Arena.” He told me he started reading the magazine when he was in college. A professor recommended he do so — a professor of economics. He said, “You’re not going to get this stuff here in our department. You’re going to have to discover it on your own.” Which, obviously, Ryan did, in a big way. He said to me, “National Review opened my world up.”

It certainly did the same for me, in college, and right after. It is still doing it. And I know this is true of a great many others — because they have told me, over the many years I have worked for NR.

We owe a lot to Paul Ryan’s econ prof. What a nice thing to do, for an inquisitive student! We owe a lot to Bill Buckley too.

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