Singing Along with Mitch

by Jay Nordlinger

This week on Need to Know, Mona Charen and I have a guest: Mitch Daniels, the old Reagan hand who was governor of Indiana and is now president of Purdue University. We talk about higher ed, the general direction of the country, and other critical matters. Mona is almost to the point of forgiving President Daniels for breaking her heart and opting not to run for a different presidency.

Then, she and I talk about a host of issues  — including America’s standing in the world. Is this the way President Obama wants it? How about the people who elected him, twice? Mona bewails Stanford; I bewail Rutgers. We bewail the fact that Paul Ryan is being tagged as a racist. Paul Ryan, of all people. Must mean he’s sticking his neck out and doing some good.

We talk about rascals  — to use the politest word possible  — including Oliver Stone and Tony Benn. And we talk about some good Joes, too.

The show is kind of an interesting potpourri, if I say so myself. To join us, go here.

P.S. Our closing music is a tip of the hat to Mitch Daniels, via Art Tatum: his famous version of “(Back Home Again in) Indiana.”

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