Progressive Website Attacks Scott Walker as ‘College Dropout’

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Some choice snobbery this morning from progressive website, PoliticsUSA:

I don’t care whether you love or loathe Scott Walker and his politics, the use of “college dropout” as a pejorative is absurd. The increasing fetishization of education is leading us all to some pretty bizarre places, not the least of which is to the conflation of one’s educational achievement and one’s intellect or worth. College dropouts — and those who didn’t attend at all — are among the finest and most accomplished of Americans, and I find it hard to believe that PoliticsUSA would throw the epithet with venom at, say, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mark Zuckerberg, or Tom Hanks.

Evidently, my objection to the line had an impact. The headline was formerly:

Now, it is:

One cheer for Jason Easley for changing it. But his initial instinct – ”look, that guy didn’t even finish college” — has absolutely no place in a free country. What’s the betting that Easley wrote his piece on a Mac or on a PC? Pretty high, I’d suspect. If his computer can be the brainchild of a dropout, we can have a few of them for governor or president, too.

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