Rubio: Regulations Being ‘Used as a Weapon to Crowd Out’ Competition

by Andrew Johnson

Companies such as Tesla and Uber are being burdened by onerous regulations, and Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) is calling for change. Not only are current policies stifling innovation, but they’re even preventing products from being sold on the American market.

Rubio laid out proposed reforms that will eliminate counterproductive regulations that have locked out or hindered companies like the taxi-sharing company Uber, who’s headquarters the senator visited on Monday. One example he cited was the current lengthy bureaucratic process under the Food and Drug Administration that has kept the world’s best sunscreen out of the United States.

Furthermore, Rubio said, many of the regulations are written to benefit larger corporations and lobbies and impede smaller companies from breaking into the market.

“The purpose of regulations is to protect the consumer and to protect the public,” Rubio told CNBC on Tuesday. “They should never be allowed to be used as a weapon to crowd out innovation or competitors.”

“That’s why Big Government fails, because Big Government helps the people who have made it at the expense of the people and the ideas that are trying to make it,” he continued.

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