Scenes Outside the Supreme Court on #HobbyLobbyDay

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

It was a cold day outside the Supreme Court Tuesday morning, as late-March snow fell on the nation’s capital. (I was there and livetweeting at @KathrynLopez.) 



Closer to Union Station, the rallying cry was to keep bosses out of bedrooms and people who take their religious beliefs seriously out of business:

I mentioned earlier what I consider a bit of an emblematic moment where a graphic sign of an aborted child showed up and there was a march to cover it up and look away. It was dismissed as a distraction, not what the case was about. What is the case about? Judging by the signs to the photo-op rescue: all things LGBT, health, dignity, justice, the ACLU, birth control . . . anything but religious liberty. Their success depends on Americans looking away.

Don’t be conned, one sign on the Hobby Lobby side of the argument implored, as a series of women spoke in support of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood.

Some of the women lawyers of the Becket Fund: 

Religious freedom is everybody’s business.

And worth defending:

The Green family who run Hobby Lobby are doing just that.

As are the Hahns, Mennonites who never expected to have to go to Washington. But so they did, and could Nicholas Hahn have a wife prouder of him? Look at that smile.

There were more smiles and joyful faces:

It’s a fight a mom at work takes her child to because it’s all about stewardship. 

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