Krauthammer’s Take: Proposed Limits on NSA Data Collection Are ‘Necessary’

by NRO Staff

On Tuesday, President Obama called for set of major rule changes effectively ending the NSA’s bulk collection of phone data, a policy change that Charles Krauthammer thinks “was a necessary one, given the public reaction to the revelations.”

On Special Report tonight, Krauthammer said that he was “sympathetic” to the proposed changes, but also explained how they would inhibit America’s “agility.” “Imagine in the future where you have to go to the phone companies,” Krauthammer said. “If NSA isn’t holding the information, it’s held by the private phone companies — who will cooperate. But there’s a matter of speed. There’s a matter of time.”

Krauthammer predicts that rules governing NSA’s data collection efforts will continue to change over time, but that in the event of another attack the U.S. will “go violently in the other direction.”

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