Schumer Downplays Kochs’ Charitable Efforts, Calls Ads They Fund ‘Un-American’

by Andrew Johnson

​Chuck Schumer doesn’t seem to have any problem with Harry Reid’s continued assertion that Charles and David Koch are “un-American,” even when reminded of their wide-ranging philanthropy. As he repeatedly dodged the question of whether he agreed with Reid, the New York Democrat said the brothers’ political efforts diminish their charitable ones.

“Private charity cannot deal with the major problems we face, as good and noble a thing as it is,”​ he said. Schumer argued that when Koch-funded ads lead to cuts to, for example, the National Institute of Health, then more is “hurt than the good he does.”

Joe Scarborough refused to let Schumer off the hook, pressing him on whether he would label the Kochs un-American. Schumer eventually offered a nuanced agreement with Reid, explaining that he believes their political advertisements are un-American and should not be allowed.

“I think that commercials they are running are against the American grain and un-American, yes,” he said.

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