Parents: Minn. Governor Told Us to Buy Illegal Drugs

by Andrew Johnson

As hopes of Minnesota becoming the next state to legalize medical marijuana dwindle, a group of parents of children with disabilities are scolding Democratic governor Mark Dayton for his recent “absurd” suggestion to buy the substance on the street in the meantime.

“This is our state’s top official looking me in the eye and telling me that I should have to break the law to buy marijuana from an illegal drug dealer instead of being able to access it safely and legally from a tightly regulated state licensed provider as outlined in the H.F. 1818 bill,” Jessica Hauser, whose son suffers from a form of epilepsy, told MinnPost. “Is that what his friends in law enforcement would prefer as well?”

Hauser said Dayton made the comments at a private meeting with her and other parents earlier this month. They shared their experience and disappointment with the governor at a recent press conference.

Dayton has been hesitant to support the measure, but has requested a $2.2 million research project to examine the effects of legalizing medical marijuana. Proponents of legalization claim the legislature could pass a bill now, and see Dayton’s request as a stall tactic that would ultimately lead to its veto.

Following the claims, Dayton released a statement in which he did not deny making his alleged recommendation to buy the drugs on the street.

“I cannot, and I do not, advocate breaking the law,” he said. “But as a father, I understand parents who would do anything possible to help their children.”

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