After Report Exonerating Christie, He Announces New Port Authority Resignation

by Andrew Johnson

Chris Christie announced the resignation of Port Authority chairman David Samson a day after an internal probe exonerated the New Jersey governor from any involvement in last year’s lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. Samson’s resignation, which goes in to effect immediately, is the latest in the controversy surrounding the closures, although Samson is not seen as a central figure.

Samson did not take part in the recently concluded investigation, which was ordered and paid for by the Christie administration.

“He explained to me that there were issues of attorney-client privilege that he feared would be compromised if he participated in an interview,” Christie said. “I didn’t push further because it wasn’t my role to push further.”

During Friday’s press conference, Christie said the internal investigation was a lose-lose situation: As expected, critics have been skeptical of the report’s objectivity, but he believed he would have come under fire had he not held an investigation. Democrats have largely dismissed the report’s findings.

“I think the report will stand the test of time, but it will be tested by the other investigations that are ongoing,” he told reporters. “No matter what you’re going to be criticized in this instance.”

Christie looked to move past the controversy, but said that he understood it could be far from over depending on the other investigations.

“I have no estimationon when this will be behind me, because I don’t get to decide when this will be behind me,” he said.

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