Giuliani: Christie-Ordered Investigation Is a Vindication

by Patrick Brennan

Former New York mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani defended the usefulness of the recent report ordered by the Christie administration that found Christie had no involvement in or knowledge of the Bridgegate scandal.

It shouldn’t be “tossed aside,” Giuliani argued, even though it didn’t involve interviewing some of the key figures in the investigation.

But Giuliani argued that looking at communications from the time of the scandal could be more useful than speaking to key figures now will be, since they now face the threat of investigation.

When asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd whether it was fair for the firm that did the investigation, Gibson Dunn, to call it a “vindication” of the governor, Giuliani said yes.

“Based on what they were saying back then,” the mayor said, “it is a vindication that the governor didn’t know beforehand, and didn’t order it.”

Earlier this morning on ABC, the leader of the investigation from Gibson Dunn argued that his firm had “no incentive” to do anything other than find the truth.

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