Rachael Ray Tears Up in Obamacare Pitch

by Andrew Johnson

Bringing on Joe Biden in a last-ditch effort to boost Obamacare enrollment numbers on the last day to sign up, a noticeably emotional Rachael Ray thanked the vice president for the health-care law and pleaded with young people to enroll during her show on Monday.

“It is such an important resource for Americans, and I just thank this administration for doing this,” she said as her voice broke.

Ray shared the story of her brother losing coverage because he hit his cap, resulting in her mother and sister searching for a plan on the exchange. “I’m getting teary because it’s very emotional for the whole family,” she said.

“I hope that young people take it seriously enough to get online today and get signed up,” Ray continued. “It’s so important to take advantage of this.”

The vice president chimed in that even if young people don’t want feel the need for a plan themselves, they should “do it for mom; do it for your dad.”

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