The Greens at the Vatican

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Last week they defended religious freedom at the Supreme Court, this week the Green family that runs Hobby Lobby is in Rome. On the official papal schedule (via the Vatican Information Service’s morning e-mail) today is a meeting with Steven Todd Green, president of the American Bible Society, with his wife and entourage. Steven Green is also president of Hobby Lobby.

One of the members of the family in attendance tweeted after the meeting in response to my syndicated column this week (after Russell Moore from the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission linked to it) making some connections between Evangelicals, Mennonites, and Catholics, among others.

The Greens are in Rome as co-sponsors of an exhibit on the Bible currently in St. Peter’s Square. Just days after the White House tried to spin the president’s meeting with Pope Francis to its advantage, the Gospels aren’t a bad reality check. 

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