by John J. Miller

A word from Taliesin Nexus, a Hollywood-based nonprofit for young liberty-minded filmmakers, on two programs:

The new Liberty Lab, which will provide $10,000 each to five teams of filmmakers to make a short film this summer that has liberty as a theme.  Each filmmaking team will be mentored by a seasoned Hollywood professional, and the program will culminate with an industry showcase screening for an audience of agents, managers, producers and other career-shapers.

The Filmmakers Workshop, a free seminar for aspiring filmmakers, focused on storytelling and career-building, that will take place on the UCLA campus August 15-17, 2014.  Attendees will get travel expenses to L.A. reimbursed plus free room and board on campus throughout the weekend.  The faculty features leading film and TV producers, screenwriters, executives and talent managers.

Application deadlines for these programs are May 15th and May 31st, respectively.

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