Wasserman Schultz: No ‘Glaring’ Problem with Obamacare to Fix

by Andrew Johnson

There may be problems with Obamacare, but Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn’t think of any when put on the spot.

On MSNBC on Tuesday, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman repeatedly evaded offering any fixes to the controversial health-care law. While she conceded “there are going to be issues that arise around the margins” of Obamacare, Wasserman Schultz refused to acknowledge any Republican proposal to correct the problems.

“There’s no specific bill right now,” she told Chuck Todd.

Todd pressed her multiple times to provide just one fix she supports. “What is one? You don’t have one that’s on your radar screen?” he asked

“That comes to mind immediately? No, nothing glaring,” Wasserman Schultz said, ducking it one last time. “I’m not saying that there aren’t problems — there are always going to be tics in a law that arise, and what we should be doing is sitting down and working those out.”

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