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by Jay Nordlinger

On our podcast, Need to Know, this week, Mona Charen and I have a guest. She is Claudia Rosett, simply one of the best journalists in America. Versatile though she is, she is particularly valuable on the subject of international relations. With us, she talks about Iran — what it is doing to get the Bomb, what America is doing to stop that. (Not much.)

Iran is a topic that some of us tend to be sick of. But there is hardly any more important topic, geopolitically. To paraphrase an old line, we may be sick of Iran and its nuclear program, but Iran and its nuclear program are not, unfortunately, sick of us.

Once Claudia leaves, Mona and I soldier on for a bit. We talk about some issues, including feminism. We talk about some personalities, including Václav Klaus — and Gertrude Himmelfarb, that sterling, exemplary intellectual.

There’s not a ton of sweetness and light in this show; there’s more Armageddon. But we end with some uplift — the final minutes of Mahler’s Symphony No. 1, nicknamed the “Titan.” This music reflects man’s perseverance and defiance, particularly in the face of evil, I would say.

To listen to the program, go here.

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