Harry Reid: Coburn’s Concerns with Obamacare Cancer Options Is ‘Getting into the Weeds’

by Josh Encinias

Senator Harry Reid (D., Nev.) gave a blasé response to concerns fellow senator Tom Coburn (R., Okla.), a cancer patient, raised about Obamacare’s lack of options for people with cancer. 

“Dr. Coburn is very good at getting into the weeds and trying to find something that he thinks makes sense, but I think we need to look at the overall context of this bill,” Reid said during a Senate press briefing Tuesday.

Reid called Obamacare an opportunity to “[bring] a lot of people in from the cold” and give them health insurance. 

On Fox & Friends this morning, Senator Coburn said Obamacare ”took insurance away from 5.9 million people” and 4 million signed back up for a more expensive policy that has less choice.

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