The Latest from the Amnesty Pushers

by Mark Krikorian

A Hill source tells me there’s a new Boehner/Cantor gambit to pass an amnesty through the House. Leadership wants to write into the National Defense Authorization Act an amnesty for illegal aliens who join the military. This is seen as preferable to offering an amendment, as California Republican Jeff Denham did last year, because it’s harder to remove something from an underlying bill than merely to kill an amendment.

The number of illegal aliens who could meet the military’s standards would be tiny, but that’s not the point. The goal is to send legislation to the Senate that has an amnesty component built in to it, thus providing the opportunity for Harry Reid to add the Schumer-Rubio bill to a must-pass piece of legislation.

A vote in the House Armed Services Committee on the defense authorization bill is expected later this month. It’ll be up to the members of the committee’s Republican majority whether this scheme goes anywhere.

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