More on the Military Amnesty Scheme

by Mark Krikorian

Representatives Mike Coffman (R., Colo.) and Jeff Denham (R., Calif.) are the ones who’ve been pushing the enlistment amnesty idea that the leadership picked up on. (Coffman’s bill is HR 435, with mostly Democrat co-sponsors, and Denham’s is HR 2377, with mostly Republican co-sponsors.) The list of co-sponsors includes members like Gutierrez and Paul Ryan, who are generally pro-amnesty, and Gowdy and Duncan, who aren’t. That underlines the fact that the danger of including an amnesty in the defense authorization bill isn’t about the vanishingly small group of current illegal immigrants who would benefit (though making enlistment a standard means of laundering your status would present serious long-term problems). Instead, it’s attractive to the House GOP leadership because it would open the door for the Senate to insert its omnibus bill for amnesty and doubling immigration into a piece of must-pass legislation — legislation that wouldn’t come up for a final vote until after the GOP primaries are over, allowing gelatinous Republicans to secure their renominations before doing the bidding of the corporate interests that are bankrolling the amnesty-and-increased-immigration push.

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