Dem Senate Candidate: SCOTUS Decision May Be Worst Since Dred Scott

by Josh Encinias

South Dakota Democratic Senate nominee Rick Weiland thinks Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision striking down the cap on aggregate political contributions is the worst since the Court ruled against Dred Scott. 

“Today’s decision of the United States Supreme Court to strike down any real limit on the purchase of our democracy by big money may be the worst decision made by any Supreme Court since the Dred Scott case reaffirmed slavery in 1857,” Weiland wrote in a fundraising letter to supporters, as reported by Roll Call

In Dred Scott v. Sandford, the Supreme Court held that all African Americans, even those residing in free states, could not be U.S. citizens.

Weiland has made “Big Money’s influence in politics” the linchpin of his campaign. But as Kevin points out, 62 percent of the “Big Money” in politics goes to the Democrats. 

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