Clinton: I Hope We Would Unite to Fight Aliens

by Andrew Johnson

President Bill Clinton quashed any conspiracy theories about Area 51 on Wednesday when he assured Jimmy Kimmel that there are no aliens hidden at the remote Nevada site. If Clinton had learned of any intergalactic creatures, he would have disclosed it to the American people, he said.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some extraterrestrial life somewhere out there. “If we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised,” he said.

In fact, if aliens ever did attack, perhaps it would come with a silver lining.

“Maybe [it'd be] the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours,” he continued to contemplate. “Think of how all the differences between people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader.”

​Later, Kimmel asked if Clinton missed being the “first African-American president” following Barack Obama’s election.

“I love being called the first black president,” Clinton laughed,”but Barack Obama really is — he deserves it.”

Clinton made sure to give Obamacare a promotional plug before wrapping up the interview, applauding the president for surpassing the goal of 7 million enrollees.

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