Putin 2016?

by Kevin D. Williamson

If my friend Nick Gillespie of Reason magazine still hasn’t taken to heart the gospel of pessimism, I’d like to direct his attention to a recent poll taken by . . . Reason magazine and Rupe, which finds that Americans like minimum-wage hikes, education spending, Hillary Clinton, and Mike Huckabee, have far more faith in the IRS and NSA than in Google and Facebook, dislike the Tea Party, and think we should be subsidizing wind power, solar, and other unicorn-flatulence energy products. On the upside, they favor a 15 percent flat tax. Most of them have never heard of Bitcoin, but 93 percent of them have definite opinions about how the NCAA conducts its business.

Most of them also think that we should stay out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which is interesting: Given that what Americans apparently want is a police state with a flat tax, it’s a miracle that Putin isn’t outperforming Huckabee – Putin runs his police state on a flat tax of only 13 percent.

I wonder who he picked for the Final Four.  

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