Huckabee Leads in Iowa

by NRO Staff

A new WPA poll in Iowa has Mike Huckabee, the former governor and presidential candidate, leading in Iowa at 14 percent and Rand Paul in second at 10 percent:

1. Mike Huckabee — 14 percent

2. Rand Paul — 10 percent

3. Scott Walker — 8 percent

4. Paul Ryan — 7 percent

4. Jeb Bush — 7 percent

4. Ted Cruz — 7 percent

7. Chris Christie — 6 percent

8. Rick Santorum — 5 percent

9. Rick Perry — 3 percent

9. Marco Rubio — 3 percent

10. Bobby Jindal — 2 percent

WPAResearch CEO Chris Wilson says, “Governor Huckabee and Senator Paul continue to perform strongly in early polling both nationally and in Iowa. What’s interesting here is that for Governor Huckabee, the majority of his support is being driven by voters 55 years or older.  It also illustrates the wisdom of Senator Paul’s strategy of investing significant time into bridging the generational gap and reaching out to younger voters.  If successful, that could make a big difference in who ultimately wins the Iowa Caucus.  However, with one in four (26 percent) Iowa Republicans undecided and the time remaining, the caucus is still, of course, very much up-for-grabs and anything could happen.”   

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